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Meat grinder Kenwood MG-516

Customer reviews 4 out of 5
Meat grinder MG-516
Meat grinder MG-516: power 450 W (max. - 1600 W), output 2 kg / min, motor overload protection, reverse system, grater attachment, sausage preparation nozzle, chopping attachment, kebbe attachment, minced meat disk

The best sides:


1. Totally metal! Both outside and inside! (the previous 2 "commentators" probably didn’t see the meat grinder live =))
2. A good knife, you can always grind.
3. Non-marking case (held with a cloth and clean)
4. Power is slightly higher than other "middle peasants" in the market (a trifle, but nice)
Excellent graters, they cope with all the products, it’s not some kind of porridge, but separate good rings or straws, it was also nice that there are a lot of them and you can choose a really suitable thickness of the shredder and grater. I also liked the knife very much, it’s large and at first sight inspires confidence, meat does not crumple, scrolls well.
Well, the main thing is that it is completely metal (all connections and housing). Easy to wash. There is a reverse button. Very powerful. Pleased with the presence of nozzles for cutting vegetables, well, a recipe book is also a good addition.


Plastic gears (,, blunt and crooked grilles, blunt knife and graters with shredders.
The noise is certainly notable, and if you work for a long time, it can begin to strain .. but let it make noise for me, the main thing is turning everything and it has been working for me for almost 2 years, no complaints.
1. Noisy. As already noted, the noise is like the whistle of a gas turbine engine.
2. Pretty expensive parts, I can not compare with the rest (for example, the grill in front of the knife - 500r)
3. Not very convenient in terms of repair.
A gear pair of metal and plastic (during the transition from the engine to the gearbox) flew out the second time it was turned on (CUTTED SIX TEETH)
In advertising, as well as from the words of the consultant, it is said that the filling is completely metal (though it is silent that metal judging by the appearance of silumin), in general, after seven starts the gearbox failed. It was very noisy, every time I turned on I had to close the doors, because the cat simply did not know where to go, this meat grinder was more afraid of a vacuum cleaner. For that kind of money I would like to be quieter. MANY MARRIAGE !!!

Customer comments:

In terms of performance and design, the meat grinder is very, very happy. Even with veins copes better than all the previous ones. And most importantly, it is very reliable. Never failed.
WHEN APPLYING TO A WARRANTY WORKSHOP, I TOLD ME THAT I AM GUILT !!! I won’t begin to calculate and teach you the resistance of materials, but ... (you and Sami probably know, it’s you who sell it) that with such efforts (based on your advertisement about the capabilities of this machine) there should be a gear made of another material !!! But she stands there only in order to GATHER money from the people and in case of breakdown send this people to hell !!!
I have been using a meat grinder for a long time. Recently, almost a year has passed. Nothing broke nothing me. The meat grinder works for 5 s "+". Take it, you will not regret it, the only thing is it is a bit noisy, but in 1 minute of noise it will turn you as much as not one other, believe me.