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Meat grinder Kenwood MG-510

Customer reviews 3.5 out of 5
Meat grinder MG-510
Meat grinder MG-510: power 450 W (max. - 1600 W), capacity 2 kg / min, motor overload protection, reverse system, sausage nozzle, kebbe nozzle, minced meat disk

The best sides:

Minced meat quality: 4.1 of 5

Cooking speed: 3.8 of 5

Noise: 2.8 of 5

Equipment: 4.3 of 5

Security: 4.3 of 5


At the time of purchase, in its price category, it was the best choice. I read and consulted on IXBT for a long time. Analyzed the market. It triumphed in reliability.
We’ve been using it for two years now - everything’s OK
The steel case, more or less ground knives and quickly grind after the start of operation.


the drum is structurally incorrect
no oil seal and washers to prevent liquid products from flowing into the motor
the gap between the shaft and the drum is too large - it creates porridge and back draft of meat in the gap
the gap of the upper tray and neck allows food to pass through and stains the meat grinder
nothing to scroll without problems except minced pork and beef
nozzles are useless
not ideally scrolls leftover meat and sinewy chunks. but show me the perfect one :)
has not yet revealed, and even these nit-picking

Customer comments:

She served a little over a year and broke. The warranty is already over, I opened the meat grinder and found that the plastic gears hang on the axles. It is necessary to change the mechanism. As I found out the cost of repairs ... it's easier to buy a new one than to repair an old one.
Advice for those who bought. When scrolling raw meat, put the lattice with holes larger, the ring nut does not need to be twisted tightly (the self-sharpening knife should rotate freely), cut the meat smaller and put the next piece only when the previous one is rotated. These simple tips gave the master in the warranty workshop, where they turned when they realized that the gears in this model are plastic, unlike the metal case.
I bought it only because in the reviews they wrote that the filling (gears) is metal. I tried to grind horseradish - the roots of medium size and thickness, and as a result - warranty repairs, where I found out about plastic gears.