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Meat grinder Kenwood MG-474

Customer reviews 4 out of 5
Meat grinder MG-474
Meat grinder MG-474: power 450 W (max. - 1500 W), productivity 1.9 kg / min, motor overload protection, reverse system, sausage nozzle, kebbe nozzle, minced meat disk

The best sides:


3 gratings and nozzles for sausages included
metal compound
the knife does not blunt, because self-sharpening
long screw, cuts veins well, but does not reel.
Twists everything! they forgot what preparation of meat for scrolling is, compact, does not take up much space, good equipment - they bought shredders together with graters, before, because of these graters, they had to get a combine
It’s easy to assemble / disassemble, the meat from the freezer is slightly thawed, then I just cut it into pieces so that it fits into the funnel, and everything scrolls easily. Nothing like veins, etc. not cut and not separated.
I was looking for a meat grinder for a long time with a metal "filling". Found and do not regret. I do not need shredders and dicing.
Makes meat well, easy to assemble and disassemble


Noisy. I read about it before buying, I was afraid that there would be a terrible crack or crunch, it turned out that the noise was like a vacuum cleaner or a powerful drill, a high-speed motor and a turbine to cool it - that’s all the noise.
A bit noisier than I expected, but it's a meat grinder after all! And then he does everything so quickly that you can tolerate a little bit
1. noisy VERY!
2. the auger has misalignment from the outside, because the disks for the stuffing do not sit tight. everything "walks".
3. a knife of average dullness, but you can live with it at first.
4. It is worth pushing the pusher a little harder and the meat tray comes out of the meat grinder.
The intermediate gear broke. Used 3 times. They were spinning fish, apparently they thrust too thick frozen fish, so the gear ordered it to live for a long time. We must buy a meat grinder with a clutch, if the load went to spin idle, otherwise the result will be like mine.

Customer comments:

Kenwood bought already having experience using another meat grinder with a plastic compound. Yet metal is metal, you do not need to change the sleeve every month! the screw is longer than it was on the previous one, therefore it turns faster and does not wind the wires. I liked the fact that all the lattices fold compactly into the pocket of the meat grinder, nozzles for kebabs and sausages are also conveniently hidden in the handle. about the noise, it’s a little louder than the old one, but there’s no trouble with it.
on the first day of use, my second half to the question: "Well, how?" she answered: “horrible ..” now, after 4-5 months, she gave the meat grinder a “solid four”, not taking into account technical flaws and noise, like from a drilling rig. I reduced this score to 3 for everything else.

almost 3 years after use, the meat grinder works! used not so often, but nevertheless everything twists and turns.