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Meat grinder Kenwood MG-450

Customer reviews 3.5 out of 5
Meat grinder MG-450
Meat grinder MG-450: power 440 W (max. - 1400 W), productivity 1.8 kg / min, motor overload protection, reverse system, sausage preparation nozzle, kebbe nozzle, minced meat disk

The best sides:

Minced meat quality: 4.2 of 5

Cooking speed: 4.2 of 5

Noise: 3.1 of 5

Equipment: 4 of 5

Security: 4.3 of 5


Melet quickly, regardless of the veins. Grinds minced meat again too quickly (my old Soviet-era electric meat grinder did not allow this)
A good thing for home use, only for meat, well, that’s understandable, it’s a meat grinder, not a vegetable cutter)))
Enough power, doing about 5 kg. meat for 10 minutes, while not particularly cutting, previously, the meat from the veins. But it’s natural to completely cut off all the bones and small bones, otherwise it can jam.
The connection of the auger with the motor itself (transmission, so to speak) is iron, which is not unimportant, plastic is in the same Mulineks and Panasonic!
Easy to use
Easily process any meat.
There is a reverse
The knife is good, forged


I do not know. If only the noise level, but this noise is much less than the 510th (or the difference in the acoustics of the room, I do not know).
Everyone writes that it is noisy, but for 440W of power this is quite NORMAL.
The cord was inconveniently invented to wind, but this is rather a cosmetic flaw)))

Customer comments:

In general, the model is very decent. After the reviews on the Internet, it was Kenwood who was looking for (she wanted 510), she bought this one - the difference is only in the material of the case. She tried to cook kebbe - it didn’t work, she made these meat pies manually - it’s not very tasty, mine like larger pieces of minced meat, and for kebbe the meat is crushed to a layer-like state. So for me, nozzles for kebbe and sausages - this is superfluous, it’s good that there is a place for storing them in the pusher - they will not be an eyesore.
In this meat grinder, the center distance between the motor shaft and gear is not maintained. The clutch occurs by half of the gear tooth. When the load increases, the steel shaft of the engine cuts it off. The second half of the tooth remains on the gear. In order to engage the shaft and gear with the remnants of the teeth, it is necessary to unscrew the engine mounting screws and put a washer on one side, the motor shaft will be slightly skewed and it will be pressed against the gear. Can be exploited further.