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Meat grinder Bosch MFW 68640

Customer reviews 4.5 out of 5
Meat grinder MFW 68640
Meat grinder MFW 68640: power 800 W (max. - 2200 W), productivity 4.3 kg / min, reverse system, nozzle-grater, nozzle for cooking sausages, nozzle for shredder, nozzle for kebbe, minced meat disk

The best sides:

Minced meat quality: 4.8 of 5

Cooking speed: 4.8 of 5

Noise: 4.1 of 5

Equipment: 4.7 of 5

Security: 4.5 of 5


Beautiful, good equipment, high-quality grinding at the knife and grids, the bevel is removed, there are no gaps. Grinds everything perfectly.
High performance up to 4.3 kg / min, 800 W, power with 2200 W lock, easy to carry thanks to a practical handle, drive bay, rubber feet.
- the power is such that we don’t push the meat, it sucks it in like a vacuum cleaner
- monolithic construction, does not creak, does not stagger, looks and feels solid.
- thoughtful design, rubberized legs, rear legs - suction cups.


Vegetables are clogged at the graters along the seam perimeter. You have to pick out with a knitting needle when you wash. A little expensive. The price could be calmer. It costs about 7 tons, and makes a noise of 14.
Broke down. The design has a replaceable aluminum bushing that must break if a solid object hits the screw. But this thing survived for 350 rubles. The gearbox broke inside. And he is 7000.
- some parts of the meat grinder cannot be washed in the dishwasher - they are aluminum
- buzzing like a turbojet, or maybe louder

Customer comments:

Finally, the wife is satisfied with the quality and performance. Before that, there was a meat grinder of another brand and there was not enough power. Now everything is super.
The only negative: the lack of a drum called a grater. Three other drums are included in the package: for cutting, for chopping small and large. Nozzles for shredders allow you to make mince for carrot, beet cutlets. I myself would be interested in what can be done with the nozzle "grater".
A very good impression of the model as a whole, great stuffing. Graters and shredders for pampering, chic sausages both in the gut and without.
Now there is a huge and happy with its power and metal face.
Of course, if you compare with the old, then the stuffing is easier and faster and so plump (not frayed like on the old). In general, cutlets are delicious. Status thing :)