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Meat grinder Bosch MFW 67600

Customer reviews 4.5 out of 5
Meat grinder MFW 67600
Meat grinder MFW 67600: power 700 W (max. - 2000 W), productivity 3.5 kg / min, motor overload protection, reverse system, minced meat disk

The best sides:

Minced meat quality: 4.4 of 5

Cooking speed: 4.5 of 5

Noise: 4 of 5

Equipment: 4 of 5

Security: 4.5 of 5


The screw and its connection with the motor are metal;
A rated power of 700 watts is enough for excellent work, the meat is literally pushed by a screw onto a knife;
A metal tray made of fairly thick sheet;
Twists the meat very quickly (even sinewy) - cut the longer;
The motor would not say that it is impossibly loud - there are no noiseless ones; in this model it has a tolerable noise level (the Mulinex motor is clearly louder);
Hind legs - suction cups, front - rubberized
The meat grinder copes with its functions, there is enough power, the meat is grinded quickly and efficiently, I have never used the reverse button. Convenient storage compartment for grilles. The patio for products is metallic, which gives the meat grinder a solid look. Handle for easy carrying.


The thread on the auger housing and the housing nut was poorly threaded, the nut was tightly screwed, and small chips were formed when twisted. What is a factory marriage. After the first use, the screw housing nut is jammed. Under warranty, the screw housing and nut were replaced. These parts are from some silumin, and not from stainless steel, so you can not wash in a dishwasher. Production of meat grinder in China.
The details of the meat grinder are made of aluminum; they cannot be washed in a dishwasher. Do not like suckers to the table. the kit did not contain the kebbe attachment declared in the package. Old milking nozzles came up with Kenwood kebb and sausages!

Customer comments:

A good meat grinder for its price, has a metal tray, but only 2 nozzles for meat. A motor of sufficient power works with an acceptable noise level and copes with sinewy meat. The plastic case does not heat up when the motor is running and does not smell.
I would recommend this model to those who are going to use exclusively the main function - scrolling meat into minced meat, since having fewer nozzles and not having threes, it, accordingly, has a lower price.
good knives, they cut and don’t chew, it scrolls in small volumes almost without waste (I’m not a farmer and I don’t have a butcher's shop) And yes - don’t need to put it in the dishwasher, the aluminum screw and case will oxidize, you will have to clean the black