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Meat grinder Bosch MFW 66020

Customer reviews 4.5 out of 5
Meat grinder MFW 66020
Meat grinder MFW 66020: power 600 W (max. - 1800 W), capacity 3 kg / min, motor overload protection, reverse system, sausage nozzle, kebbe nozzle, minced meat disk

The best sides:

Minced meat quality: 4.5 of 5

Cooking speed: 4.5 of 5

Noise: 3.6 of 5

Equipment: 4.4 of 5

Security: 4.7 of 5


1. The rotation from the engine to the auger is transmitted through a metal mount - a sign that it will last longer.
2. Worked great, but only the first time.
It works, metal (aluminum probably) gear outside the meat grinder and on the screw (probably this is a plus, we'll see later).
High power, good performance, quiet operation, a compartment for storing shaped disks, a beautiful, attractive design, compactness.
workmanship and assembly quality, comfortable, high performance, rubber feet, storage space for knives and cord


The tray is loose, constantly pops up! I had to wind up the electrical tape. Minced meat does not pass well through the sausage nozzle. Missing grill for minced meat. The iron parts were washed in the dishwasher, eventually oxidized and blackened (auger, receiver, fixing nut), in general, the gloss disappeared, a black coating appeared, without special. funds were not deleted.
I can’t quite call it a drawback, but: noisy. For me, this is not a drawback, because I do not grind food around the clock, I do not dream of having intimate conversations to the sound of meat being ground, and I do not do this over the ears of sleeping relatives, and those 10 minutes once or twice a week when I use a meat grinder, for me completely uncritical.

Customer comments:

I summarize! The meat grinder is powerful, it twists the meat well, but the above-described disadvantages spoil the general idea! Let's see how long it will last!
We have been operating the meat grinder for some time. And, I want to say, it has proven itself perfectly. The reverse system is very useful if you grind pieces of beef from the drumstick, as hard and large films can block the knives. You need to either chop the meat in preparation for the twist or then use the reverse. With the rest of the meat in general, everything is like clockwork))
I chose carefully, trying to get the price, I finally settled on a trusted manufacturer, the price of 5300 was fully justified, my wife was very happy, the meat was processed quickly, the meat and veins were processed without hesitation, the rubber legs “sucked” to the table surface, the level of noise was normal, vibration no engine, high-quality materials, easy assembly-disassembly