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Meat grinder Bosch MFW 3630

Customer reviews 4.5 out of 5
Meat grinder MFW 3630
Meat grinder MFW 3630: power 500 W (max. - 1600 W), capacity 1.9 kg / min, motor overload protection, reverse system, citrus press, sausage nozzle, kebbe nozzle, minced meat disk

The best sides:

Minced meat quality: 4.7 of 5

Cooking speed: 4.6 of 5

Noise: 4 of 5

Equipment: 4.4 of 5

Security: 4.5 of 5


An excellent meat grinder, for a small family the most. It spins quickly, the juice squeezes out well too. Quality Bosch.
it doesn’t make noise, minced meat is played in the kitchen, a child sleeps in a room during the day through two closed doors! barely audible! I compare with the Belarusian meat grinder that came before that! there, a neighbor pounded the battery through two floors, in reality the tractor was Belarus! everything works clearly. the buttons are safe, there is a reverse. which can be turned on only after a complete stop! I am very satisfied!
Dimensions, relatively noisy, spare safety clutch, meat cutting quality, production is not China.


the dumplings themselves do not mold, and the cutlets do not fry! oh yes, she still doesn’t wash herself, here the manufacturer completely failed!
Incorrect tray mounting - in some cases, juice flows from the outside of the loading neck. The tray should fit into the neck. There is no seal (gland) between the screw and the housing. Juice seeps into this place. There is no separate reverse button.
The drive is plastic, everything rotates very tightly, if you don’t tighten it by hand, it’s extra strain on the motor. Narrow neck of meat loading. Noisy.

Customer comments:

it doesn’t make noise, it turns meat, it’s compact, I don’t know what else I need from the meat grinder, my wife is very happy, I have delicious food, and free time! once again it is really quiet, in the afternoon the city noise barely blocks! my baby is sleeping under her! due to many negative comments, before that for a long time hesitated to choose this manufacturer!
Apparently for the sake of design and unification, the reverse button was not taken out separately, which is fraught with accidental pressing on it during the operation of the meat grinder. That is, logically, you press the bottom button to turn off the move, and the reverse may turn on if you hold the button down. The meat grinder is turned on and off with one button. In general, you need to get used to it.
Grinds meat quickly and efficiently. Miniature. Nozzle for making orange juice. Relatively quiet, they expected the tractor to work, but all the rules. Satisfied with the choice.