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Coffee machine Saeco Lirika

Customer reviews 4.5 out of 5
Coffee machine Lirika
Coffee machine Lirika: (automatic preparation), for grain and ground coffee, volume 2.5 l, pressure 15 bar, coffee strength control, cappuccino machine

The best sides:

Taste of coffee: 4.6 of 5

Convenient use: 4.3 of 5

Easy to clean: 4.1 of 5

Silent operation: 3.7 of 5

Build quality: 4.7 of 5


Full automatic. Easy operation, low noise in operation, VERY adequate price, European quality, large water tank 2.5 liters. He doesn’t like to wash (like many). Adjusting the strength, adjusting the volume of the cup, as well as serving memory for Espresso and Americano. Energy control (30/90/180 min.)
1. Not very noisy compared to many models of its class
2. Small dimensions
3. Stylish appearance
4. Large drip tray (but this may also be a drawback)
5. Beats milk well (but it still depends on the quality of the milk itself)
Narrow - ideal for home cooking, affordable price (assembly Romania), the ability to adjust the degree of grinding and the volume of water passed through. Fast cooking, the presence of a cappuccino machine, and programming of any operating modes.


- noisy, but at work, JURA cooks with about the same noise (you can tolerate);
- under our regimen, the use of 2 cups in the morning every day asks for decalcification once every 3 months. I use my own remedy (about 1000 rubles), but you can find cheaper options
Are absent. Only coffee beans. It is required to buy a water filter that is installed in the machine.
It is impossible to adjust the coffee machine to get a rich taste - there is no function to select the bookmark of grains per serving - as a result, the machine prepares a serving of a drink from about 6-6.5 grams of beans - this is very small. The grinding also cannot be adjusted to increase extraction, it cannot be made small enough to brew an expressive espresso. Thus, the coffee machine is only suitable for lovers of a very soft (watery) taste of coffee.
If you choose from this line of coffee machines, it is better SAECO Lirika Plus.

Customer comments:

I have been using this machine for 3 years, read reviews and grinned, now it’s true: it wakes everyone up very noisy in the morning, consumes water very quickly (it drains when you turn it off, although you can set the interval), it requires frequent maintenance than the display often warns about this (cleaning from scale, washing the coffee machine, changing the filter and so on), the taste is decent, but it seems that for the sake of this taste you have to turn around this machine! Moody to horror - choose models more carefully!
I use this machine in the office, we brew coffee every day. Coffee is brewed delicious. A noticeable minus is the noise, the car is really noisy.