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Coffee machine Saeco HD8838 Syntia

Customer reviews 4 out of 5
Coffee machine HD8838 Syntia
Coffee machine HD8838 Syntia: (automatic preparation), for grain and ground coffee, volume 1.2 l, pressure 15 bar, coffee strength control, cappuccino machine

The best sides:

Taste of coffee: 4.2 of 5

Convenient use: 4.2 of 5

Easy to clean: 4 of 5


A decent appearance (not cheap plastic, but “fashionable” polished aluminum of the case), a maximum of functions at a minimum price, a recognizable brand.
Brews great coffee. He whips the cappuccino foam himself (the foam turns out to be excellent), constant flushing of the system, a very compact model, water loading, a waste container - everything is in front, intuitive controls, stylish appearance, a bunch of settings allows you to brew coffee to your liking.
stylish, easily customizable (if you have instructions, of course, and brains), most importantly, brews delicious coffee (after setting))


The disadvantages are small, but they are. Before starting, you need to wait until it is cleaned, a container of water could be made larger and most importantly, it does not automatically make cappuccino, but makes latte macchiato. Who knows what the difference is. But the cappuccino in the hand is gorgeous.
A very small container for water, which you need to check before each cup of coffee, otherwise you risk getting only half a serving. Noisy. It’s inconvenient to get out the tray and it’s very inconvenient to remove the milk jug. The chromed stand scratches very quickly, but it's all such trifles compared to what kind of coffee this wonderful machine brews.
- "cappuccinator": if you love cappuccino, don’t buy it. Because heating milk and putting it into your cup from a plastic tube is not a whipping of milk with a froth.
This is not a cappuccino. This is Latte at best.
but seriously - just Coffee with Milk.

- the plastic tube in the cappuccino machine begins to shorten due to temperatures, it must be replaced quite quickly
- the design itself is inconvenient for washing

Customer comments:

it would be cheaper to buy a separate cappuccino machine and a coffee machine without an auto cappuccino machine.
As a result, he removed the milk container, and stupidly shoved a tube into a bag of milk. In the container, the milk is constantly souring (even in the refrigerator). While in a pack, milk can stand for a long time. Yes, and the tube is easier to wash than the entire container!