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Coffee machine Saeco HD 8769/09 Moltio

Customer reviews 4 out of 5
Coffee machine HD 8769/09 Moltio
Coffee machine HD 8769/09 Moltio: (automatic preparation), for coffee beans, volume 1.9 l, pressure 15 bar, coffee strength control, cappuccino machine

The best sides:


Control. Possibility to change the coffee container (different containers, different coffee).
Easy way to make cappuccino.
Funky coffee! A lot of positive emotions .. Itself brews coffee and cleans itself. Convenient carafe for milk. Brews 5 types of coffee. It makes a thick foam, which was pleasantly surprised. Even in restaurants, the foam is not so thick ... a trifle but nice. )))


The size of the device does not allow to place wherever you want. Have to trick.
Noisy when preparing drinks.
Quickly fill the pan with water during frequent use. If you drink 2-4 cups a day, then only twice a week you will encounter the problem of pouring water.
The buttons on the control panel are not very convenient. But you get used to it over time.
Unable to track the water level in the container. The coffee container must be inserted carefully, otherwise it will skew when closing. Beautiful, but flimsy control panel, slurred buttons.
Flimsy, ill-conceived buttons, no instructions in Russian (maybe I’m so lucky), these are not even flaws, but rather minor flaws.
Could not adjust coffee strength for a small cup. Even with minimal strength, the cappuccino is very strong. Cooking in 2 cups only without milk, as milk can only be poured into one cup at a time.

Customer comments:

Answering questions in discussions:
- there is a compartment for ground coffee,
- there is no confusion and complexity in the milkman,
- coffee is not thrown into waste.
Read the instructions, and for the convenience of reading and completeness of development it is better to download it from the website (at least it is there in a more convenient form than on the disk from the coffee machine)
Pleasant "coffee drinking", I recommend !!!
PS Tastes are different, people are different ....
After 1.5 years, I am glad to purchase. I did not drink instant coffee. Now the morning coffee is already a necessity. It brews well, provided that coffee is not the cheapest.
At the forum for the repair of coffee makers and coffee machines, this model is respected and offered for purchase. I support. You will not regret. Took in March 2014 at a price of 29500. Now it has risen in price, but ... if you decide to take it, then take it. I hope you will be satisfied with the result as I am.