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Coffee machine Saeco HD 8763

Customer reviews 4.5 out of 5
Coffee machine HD 8763
Coffee machine HD 8763: (automatic preparation), for coffee beans, volume 1.8 l, pressure 15 bar, coffee strength control, cappuccino machine

The best sides:

Taste of coffee: 4.8 of 5

Convenient use: 4.3 of 5

Easy to clean: 4.5 of 5


Brews delicious coffee;
Automatic preparation of cappuccino;
It is adjusted to your taste;
Russian language interface;
Quite quietly working.
Chic coffee, especially cappuccino. The foam is thick. Very compact and convenient to use, not whimsical to care for. Quiet enough.
The price is quite low, I saw others with price tags almost 2 times higher, and the functions are the same.


Removing to flush the water tank is problematic if there is not enough space above the coffee machine to maneuver.
The lack of a filter as standard is only a protective mesh - a full filter is purchased separately.
Here they already wrote, if a lot of water in the pan is difficult to drain.
- if there is a lot of water in the pan, then it is inconvenient to drain it
- the machine is quite high and the baklah with water is removed through the top, so the machine doesn’t rise under each kitchen cabinet - it must be borne in mind (but water can be added with a decanter without removing the baklah)
- someone would not say anything, but the machine requires attention and care, in this regard capsule more unpretentious
- if you need something more than just brewing coffee - you need to read the instructions (and where else?)

Customer comments:

I chose an inexpensive and compact machine for the house. It quickly makes hot and thick espresso with good foam. Using Arabica coffee beans, we get a classic espresso, dense with a good aroma without bitterness. Apparently, thanks to a coffee grinder with ceramic millstones. I like a bright and clear display, 5 fortresses and large tanks for water and coffee.
When buying, I was afraid that I would have to read a whole encyclopedia on how to use it, but it turned out to be quite simple. The prompts with pictures always light up on the display :)
Quiet, shows the progress of cooking, although I do not consider it mandatory). Very compact.
It is strange that double espresso is prepared in two sets - 1 cup each. That is, he bolds the grain - pours 60 ml, pauses, grinds again, and pours. Immediately impossible?)))
Long thought to put 4 or 5. Still 4.
All the flaws - this is my personal opinion, do not affect the taste of coffee!