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Coffee machine Saeco HD 8750

Customer reviews 4 out of 5
Coffee machine HD 8750
Coffee machine HD 8750: (automatic preparation), for coffee beans, volume 1.5 l, pressure 15 bar, coffee strength control, cappuccino machine

The best sides:


1. Brews excellent coffee (Saeko brew mechanism)
2. There is a fortress adjustment
3. Auto-cappuccino machine (silver model 8750/99 only)
4. Large drip tray for draining drops and water from flushing the system with a convenient indicator float
5. Small in size.
6. Easy access to everything.
7. As with "adult" coffee machines, a pack of coffee of 250 g breaks completely.
8. Relatively quiet.
9. High-quality grinding.
10. Built-in decalcification mode.
11. Price-quality
Makes chic coffee. In principle, I will join all of the above - a real coffee machine for my money.
Prepares good coffee under the following conditions:
1. Set the coffee grinding level to one of two values for the finest grinding.
2. Use only dark roasted coffee to brew coffee.
3. Set coffee saturation to maximum
4. adjust the volume of coffee to your taste


1. OOOOOOOO very much likes to wash. After 3 fillings of water (and sometimes after 2) the pan is full - you need to pour it out. This is due to flushing after each wakeup, and it enters it after 15 or 30 minutes of non-use. Plus, the flushing cycle uses a lot of water, I used machines, including saeko, which use less water.
1. Washes a lot.
2. Often asks to be cleaned of scale.
3. Ground coffee is poured into the coffee grinding mechanism.
4. Frequent flashing of the red On / Off button in the off state.
5. Noisy enough when working.
There was not a big breakdown (from the water supply pipe it started to dig up, the control board burned out) under the guarantee they did it very quickly for 2-3 days and it was ready, I was very surprised at such efficiency

Customer comments:

After buying a car, I thought that I threw the money away, but I bought several varieties of dark roasted coffee, I tried different settings and still found options in which I definitely like the resulting coffee. After that, I didn’t have any thoughts about replacing the coffee machine. Everything suits me and the coffee obtained under the above conditions I really like !!!
Brews delicious coffee, good foam. The taste very much depends on the coffee beans themselves and on the degree of grinding! Therefore, if someone does not taste good, buy normal coffee and read the instructions.
Reduced grading for this unit. For 1.5 years it broke twice. It is good that the company guarantee is 2 years and they eliminated everything without question in the company service.