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Coffee machine Bosch TIS30321RW VeroCup 300

Customer reviews 4.5 out of 5
Coffee machine TIS30321RW VeroCup 300
Coffee machine TIS30321RW VeroCup 300: (automatic preparation), for coffee beans, volume 1.4 l, pressure 15 bar, coffee strength control, cappuccino machine

The best sides:

Taste of coffee: 4.7 of 5

Convenient use: 4.7 of 5

Easy to clean: 4.3 of 5


It brews delicious coffee, the machine is not difficult to maintain, a cappuccino, like from a cafe. I use with coffee Egoiste Espresso. Strong coffee, sometimes even too much. 🙂
We chose a coffee machine because of a convenient coffee maker and were not mistaken!
- Convenient cappuccinator (easy to rinse)
- Adjust the height of the spout for any cup
- Memorizes the volume of coffee poured (I make 200ml)
- There is a convenient screen
- Heated cups (coffee does not cool)
The first coffee we had was Egoiste Velvet, not to say that bad coffee ... Weak, sour, pungent taste I would say for a fan of spicy coffee. I personally chose the Italian Lavazza Oro which is more intense and suitable for cappuccino (does not acidify).
Delicious coffee, quiet, easy operation, easy to clean. Great cappuccino maker. Looks nice in the kitchen)


Non-adjustable amount of coffee when brewing a cappuccino. It is decided by preparing two servings in one cup, but you need to reduce the fortress to medium and lower, otherwise it is impossible to drink - a cappuccino + cream cafe.
A bit noisy when turned on during pre-flushing, and still a small (even maximum) volume.
Constantly under the machine is a puddle. The first breakdown (not counting puddles) in less than a year of use. Noisy. The cappuccino maker somehow crookedly gets up, because of which it needs to be held at the moment of whipping the foam. You need to rinse the cappuccino machine after each use, even if you prepare 2 servings of cappuccino, you need to rinse between them, otherwise it does not whip the foam.
Touchpad! It is difficult to wipe off dust so as not to turn on accidentally. Buttons do not always respond. Small water tank. There is no possibility to use ground coffee. Strange logic counting pallet cleaning.

Customer comments:

At a price of less than 30k there are no competitors, according to the review of the "freshness" of the drink - buy normal coffee, bro! Diemme for example
Once a month, it requires professional cleaning with special tablets, despite the fact that we drink 2 cups of coffee per day. When using the previous model, this was not, although they drank coffee more often. They established the degree of grinding of coffee, but this does not work out anymore. Maybe of course I'm afraid to break, but there is nothing to spin))
It turned out that this coffee machine needs a good voltage in the network. At the first start, the inscription "Incorrect voltage" appeared immediately on the screen, they bought a Resant asn-2000/1-t stabilizer and the error disappeared. These are our electric networks .....
In general, we are happy with the machine, regarding the freshness of coffee, then we need to select a variety and brand for ourselves, for example, a dark roast variety from a well-known Finnish brand turned out to be fresh, and a light roast variety from a well-known Italian brand turned out to be very personal.
Still, the coffee machine in cappuccino mode and latte mode prepares more latte than cappuccino, so if you want a classic cappuccino, froth milk first and then add it to Americano.