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Coffee machine Bosch TIS 30129 RW VeroCup 100

Customer reviews 4.5 out of 5
Coffee machine TIS 30129 RW VeroCup 100
Coffee machine TIS 30129 RW VeroCup 100: (automatic preparation), for coffee beans, volume 1.4 l, pressure 15 bar, coffee strength control, cappuccino machine

The best sides:

Taste of coffee: 4.6 of 5

Convenient use: 4.7 of 5

Easy to clean: 4.1 of 5

Silent operation: 2.8 of 5

Build quality: 4 of 5


+ great idea with a cappuccino machine (despite the "gourmet nitpicking" of the shortcomings)
+ easy to manage
+ easy to maintain
+ coffee makes great
+ does not take up much space (especially wide)
It makes delicious strong coffee (unless of course the grains are not for 500 r per Gk p, a very convenient cappuccino machine (works). There is a cleaning system. (Comparison with Solis Master 5000).
Simplicity. No troubles. The coffee makes excellent. Great model for home. Especially if this is the first coffee machine for you. Do not disappoint.
Really aromatic coffee.
Much more aromatic than other cars.
Either a miracle, or a trick.
The main thing is to take good grain.
Compared with DeLonghi on the same
the grain. There is an abyss between them.


- gourmet nit-picking: this machine is not able to cook cappuccino automatically because of the cappuccino machine (cappuccino is when milk foam is added to espresso, and here - espresso is added to milk foam, so you get a latte with less foam)
- for cappuccino and latte it is possible to program only the level of foaming of milk, but not the amount of added coffee (it would be better if it were vice versa)
Small tank under the "cake" and drain the water. When you turn it on and off, it starts to clean itself, be sure to substitute the capacity. Compared to the master, 5000 spends more coffee per serving. There is no grain sensor.
The cappuccino maker lives his own life, wants to whip, wants-no. It is advisable to clean it after each cup, otherwise the small hole in it is clogged with milk residues, it is difficult to clean it, and the next time it does not whisk at all. I did not like that you can not use ground coffee.

Customer comments:

I read reviews, I bought it, the coffee is certainly delicious, but the expense! A 1kg pack flies away in three weeks, and this is four cups a day, three of which are of weak strength. They’re used to it, but she does the foam whenever she wants, rinse it constantly and clean it with a brush and tablets and sometimes I want to throw it out the window, but. ..... the coffee is delicious, and after a month of use I started not to top up the water in Americano, but the tray after six servings is complete!
Prepares delicious coffee. The ease of use is simply amazing.
Care does not cause labor.
The absence of a jug is a brilliant solution. Milk is poured directly into the cup !!!!
It has 3 degrees of grinding - enough. Who needs 144 degrees of grinding is not clear. A small water tank is more than compensated by the convenience of filling it, poured on top and that's it. I advise everyone a decent coffee machine.