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Coffee grinder De'Longhi KG 89

Customer reviews 4.5 out of 5
Coffee grinder KG 89
Coffee grinder KG 89: grinding system: millstones, power 110 W, capacity 120 g, grinding degree adjustment, capacity for ground coffee

The best sides:

Grinding quality: 4.5 of 5

Volume: 4.8 of 5

Convenience: 4.6 of 5


Relatively inexpensive for a millstone grinder, grinds evenly. Easy to modify so that the grinding is fine enough. Quite quiet (I can only compare with coffee grinders with knives).
It is compact enough, quiet, grinds the required amount, grinding is adjustable from the smallest to large enough. In general, everything that was required and expected of her fulfills


Apparently, the regulator of the amount of coffee for grinding is guided only by the time of work, and not by the volume or weight of coffee. Not critical at all.
Coarse grinding, although the same was bought at the cottage several years ago, works fine fine grinding. The impression is that this purchase was recently collected by migrant workers. I'm trying to find on sites how to reduce the gap between the millstones.

Customer comments:

Before buying, I knew that the finest grinding was too coarse, and that there was a modification method. I carefully looked at YouTube before buying, a day after the purchase I repeated the necessary actions - and received a very good coffee grinder for a not very high price (compared to other millstone coffee grinders).
It is convenient to use, but, as already mentioned above (below), grinding does not turn out uniform and small enough for use in carob coffee makers.
The coffee grinder is good. You could work on the design. She is still far from professional. The grinding for the Turks could have been smaller.
this is my second coffee grinder, the first one lasted about 7 years to grind green coffee - the millstones were worn out. obsolete price-quality ratio