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Coffee grinder De'Longhi KG 521.M

Customer reviews 4 out of 5
Coffee grinder KG 521.M
Coffee grinder KG 521.M: grinding system: millstone, power 150 W, capacity 350 g, grinding degree adjustment, dispenser, capacity for ground coffee

The best sides:

Grinding quality: 4 of 5

Volume: 5 of 5

Convenience: 4.3 of 5


Easy to use millstone coffee grinder. It has steel millstones and 18 degrees of grinding. The grinding quality is suitable for making coffee drinks in a carob, drip coffee maker, as well as alternative methods of brewing coffee. There is a holder for a horn, i.e. You can grind coffee directly in the portafilter (horn) of the coffee maker. The ground coffee container has an airtight lid so that ground coffee can be stored in it.


Coffee, ground at the smallest degree of grinding, is not small enough to make in a Turk, for which the grinding must be "dust". The largest degree of grinding produces an inhomogeneous grinding, there are large and small particles.

Customer comments:

The coffee grinder looks very stylish, especially when paired with a Delonghi EC680 / 685 coffee maker. For the preparation of coffee drinks in this coffee machine, coffee grinder is quite suitable. If you plan to brew coffee in a Turk or brew it in a French press, it is better to find another coffee grinder. On YouTube there are reviews on this coffee grinder, I advise you to look, for example, this