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Coffee grinder De'Longhi KG 49

Customer reviews 4 out of 5
Coffee grinder KG 49
Coffee grinder KG 49: grinding system: rotary knife, power 170 W, capacity 90 g, dispenser

The best sides:

Grinding quality: 4.7 of 5

Volume: 4.6 of 5

Convenience: 4.6 of 5


Nice appearance, excellent build quality, medium size, rubberized legs, grinding control, removable cup. And of course, excellent grinding quality.
It grinds grains well, and even more so sugar. It is convenient to pour out the contents due to the removable bowl. The cord can be wound from below so that it does not hang around the kitchen (we do not use it every day).
Great model. Bought not only for coffee, but also for cereals. The grinding result is perfect. It is very convenient to use, even if the size of the unit is not small, but it does not spoil it a bit. :)
Melet evenly, grinding can be quickly brought to a state of dust, I even got a coffee maker clogged by such grinding, I had to grind bigger
Good design, blends harmoniously into the office interior. Different degrees of grinding. The presence of a brush for cleaning. Removable bowl.


Indications of the degree of grinding do not believe. Always shallow longer than it shows. And then I didn’t grind it to dust, but simply very finely (but I do not consider this drawback as such).
I did not like that the plastic bowl after the first use received not significant scratches. I'm afraid after a longer time the bowl will not look presentable. And the grinding light sensors are a useless thing.
The grinding adjustment system is nothing but a failed timer. Not at all compact. The plastic of the bowl in which the grinding takes place does not inspire confidence, I am afraid that it may break with time.
The motor heats up quickly, after a minute of intense work a burning smell appears, instead of the function of adjusting the degree of grinding, a timer is set for 30 seconds, after which the lamps light up.

Customer comments:

Chose a long and tedious. At first they wanted cheap, but cheerful. Then I read all the reviews and decided to stay on this particular model. The price is a bit high, but I liked the build and grinding quality. I have not yet found a single serious flaw.
The model is very good, albeit with minor flaws. (The main thing is that they do not critically spoil it!) Let's hope that it will last more than one year. Thanks a lot to the developers. Thanks to you, our morning begins with a cup of aromatic and beloved coffee. :)
I bought the last from the window in Eldorodo, as a result, the timer stopped working the next day. He took it, returned the money, tomorrow probably they will put it back on the window. In general, I liked the model, although this is my first experience with coffee grinders. Likely to buy the same somewhere, but now certainly not in Eldorado and not from the window